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IBERIA PARISH: Damage reports

Posted at 2:18 PM, Jul 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-15 12:06:16-04

We're collecting reports of damage, photos and videos from each of our Acadiana parishes.

If you'd like to send reports, please send us a Facebook message or send us an email at

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The City of Jeanerette will have a curefew from 7 p.m. until 6 a.m. on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Photo courtesy: Blaine Crochet
Photo courtesy: Blaine Crochet

Mayor Carol Bourgeois said there are power outages citywide, and flooding in some sections. The water is draining pretty well, he said, and the Cajun Navy has been helping residents who need it.

The Port of Iberia is closed due to flooding. There's a large tree down on Jefferson Island Road, blocking traffic.

Iberia Parish President Larry Richard told us at about 1 p.m. that officials there had just finished their assessments of damage across the parish, and had started to deploy crews to address issues. The priority is getting the roads safe and passable, he said.

"We have public works crews out in the different districts to start removing trees and whatever else needs to be done," Richard said. "When we assign a crew, they start a job and they complete the whole job before they go to the next job."

Richard said the sewer district also was out assessing damage and implementing teams to address issues. The Port of Iberia did get some water, he said.

"The last run I did last night was at about 10 p.m., and as we went down Lewis Street to the Port, the water was already getting into the businesses," Richard said. "I don't think we got water at the port office this time, but around Port Road at the opposite end, we got a lot of water."

Richard said he saw the same thing around Delcambre.

"The water came up, and it came up pretty quick. And we still have a lot of water," Richard said. "It hasn't receeded yet; but it is going down. The good thing about what's happening in Iberia Parish right now is, it's not raining. And that's giving the water an opportunity to drain out."

Richard said at the worst point, about 87 percent of parish resident were without power. But the two companies that serve the parish, Cleco and Entergy, are both working hard to restore power, he said.

"They're doing a phenomenal job. I'm so impressed with them," Richard said.

Richard said he was texting officials before 6 a.m. this morning.

"They're on the ball," he said.

Richard said a lot of residents are still without power, but the companies have crews out working diligently to get it restored.

"I feel like we're where we're supposed to be right now," Richard said. "We're not out of the woods, we still have south winds, so we are still getting the water coming in. We just have to pray that at some time the wind slows down."

Here are some photos from Iberia Parish:

Delcambre flooding - Courtesy Belle Romero
Delcambre flooding - Courtesy Belle Romero
Delcambre flooding - Courtesy Belle Romero
Squirrel Run Golf Course - Courtesy of Rhonda Bulliard
Harreit St. New Iberia - Courtesy Richard James