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Downsizing of MLB Draft could benefit UL's Cantrelle, Young

MLB going from 40 to 5 rounds in 2020 draft
Posted at 11:26 PM, Jun 02, 2020

In 2019, Major League Baseball had 40 rounds in their first year draft. This year, it's been modified to a 5-round format. That leaves plenty of questions entering next week, as the draft will take place June 10th and 11th.

Who does this hurt? Who does it help?

There is a growing thought that teams will chase fewer high school players who scouts couldn't thoroughly watch.

"Typically the high school evaluation (of a player) is more of a long shot," UL shortstop Hayden Cantrelle says. "You have to predict what he'll be over time. The high school kid didn't get a season, unfortunately for him. There is a possibility that effects me as a college player, giving me a better opportunity than a high school player."

The junior is one of two Cajuns expected to be picked up next week. Cantrelle, the former Teurlings product, is listed as the 119th best prospect by Cantrelle was only 1 of 6 players in Division to have over 25 extra base hits and 25 stolen bases in 2019.

The other is pitcher Brandon Young. The senior was red hot when the shortened season ended, posting a 1.09 ERA in 24 innings of work with 37 strikeouts.

Cajuns Head Coach Matt Deggs said in a normal 40-round draft, the Cajuns could have lost 6-8 players and prospects.

He says with the draft, and expanded eligibility, college baseball will be at it's best for the next several years.

"These 6th-40th rounders, and even free agents, are getting pushed back to the top 50 schools," Deggs explained. "And the top 50 schools get backlogged and even they get some kickback out of there and you're going to see a really good product for a long time."