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GETTING ANSWERS: Where is the gas?

Posted at 9:24 PM, Sep 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-06 18:28:08-04

Tonight drivers in Acadiana are asking where is the gas? Since last week many gas stations have not had fuel.
Several people tell KATC, if they do find a station with gas, they have to wait in a long line.

"I have been to ten gas stations today to fill up my jeep" Sherry Breaux said.

Drivers like Breaux say every place she goes, she finds bags over fuel pumps, signs saying no gas, or a line wrapped around the parking lot.

"It's way worse in Baton Rouge. All the way down the freeway, you can't get off of the interstate anywhere to get gas" Christina Roberts said.

"There's limited outlets, it's taking longer to bring fuel into the area" Doug Roberie, the Vice President for Asset Logistics, Dupre Logistics, LLC. said.

Roberie says the shortages are caused from power outages from Hurricane Ida, and no power means the fuel refineries where truck drivers get their gas are closed.

"When all the refineries are open, a driver might be able to get three - four loads per day, per shift. If he is having to go from Baton Rouge to New Orleans, he is probably only going to get one or two" Roberie said.

He says truck drivers are not only driving further for the gas, but also waiting longer.

"What we have been seeing with limited loading racks open, waiting time at the loading racks have been extended. Instead of a truck getting in 20-30 minutes, it's been taking 2-3 hours" Roberie explained.

"We're moving quickly to keep gas flowing to the pumps" President Joe Biden said.

President Biden acknowledged the shortage on Friday.

"We're expanding the fuel that can be sold in Louisiana" the president said during a press conference.

"The sooner we can get the electricity back, the sooner things are going to equal out. As more electricity comes back online, its going to ease. People are panicked, they want to fill up when they're on half a tank, I think that's contributing to the congestion" Roberie said.

For now, drivers fill up when they can. Many wait anxiously as their gauge is on the E.

"I've got like eighth of a tank... im like come on! I will not make it back" Roberts said.

"I got the gas can, so im doing double fill up" Breaux said.

State officials are also asking drivers to not make un-necessary trips to conserve gas.