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KATC's hurricane special "Weathering the Storm"

Weather Special
Posted at 4:33 PM, Aug 04, 2022

With the busiest part of hurricane season fast approaching, KATC aired a special "Weathering the Storm," to help Acadiana prepare.

Weathering the Storm Part 2: Keeping Your Family Safe

The special program featured the latest tech in tracking & forecasting storms, and addressed issues facing our hurricane battered state, including storm related PTSD.

Managing Hurricane Season Stress

Weathering the Storm Part 3: Managing Hurricane Season Stress

Following the special, Chief Meteorologist Rob Perillo held a live Q&A onKATC's Facebook page to take questions and address concerns.

New project aims to help communities build storm resiliency through restaurants

Weathering the Storm Part 4: Culinary Connection

Click here to view our live stream for the latest local and national news. Download the KATC weather app to keep you and your family safe this and every hurricane season.