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Workout Breaux's: UL siblings get creative through routines

Avery (Volleyball) & Brennan (Baseball) both play for Cajuns
Posted at 10:46 PM, Apr 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-14 00:06:30-04

SCOTT — When UL Baseball senior Brennan Breaux found out he could return for 2021, he was now in need of a workout partner. And he just happens to live with the perfect one. His sister, UL Volleyball junior Avery Breaux.

"When you're with your team and working out with your team, you always have someone that does it a little harder than you," Brennan Breaux said. "It pushes you to be better and vice versa. We're lucky to have each other."

Louisiana Athletics post daily workouts online and the siblings have put their imaginations to the test to finish each routine.

"We have this big ol' grill. This big circle thing. I think for me using that is pretty unique we have to be super creative," Avery Breaux said. "Doing stuff with the Yeti ice chest, 4 wheeler, pulling things out of the pantry."

The Breaux parents have even used work around the house, for their kids to burn extra calories.

"The other day, we pulled out the 4 wheeler," Brennan explains. "Instantly, i was like, lets tie it up and see if i can pull this thing."

As division one athletes, both Avery and Brennan are very competitive, and that will to win can be found in their workouts too.

"I think my strength is the cardio portion," Avery said. "I think I have him there. But when it comes to the weights, he got me beat."

"We always use the analogy she's more of a thoroughbred and I'm more of a quarter horse," Brennan adds. "So I'm good for sprints and she goes forever and ever."

The Breaux's hope that everything will return to normal soon, but they're using this quarantine to appreciate their time together.

"We've definitely grown closer together," Avery admits. "We're working out. We play for the same university but it's different, he plays baseball I play volleyball."

"Maybe this is a sign for all of us that we need to slow down." Brennan says. "At the core of everything. All you have is your family."