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Super 16 | Abbeville linebacker Christian Alvarez

Alvarez determined to make a statement
Posted at 7:00 PM, Jul 26, 2019

ABBEVILLE — Christian Alvarez is tired of how people think about Abbeville football.

"I want to shock the world," he said. "My biggest goal is to shock and say that it's 2019-2020, we're here to make a statement."

Over the past three seasons Abbeville is 7-23. But Alvarez believes he and his seniors are the right group to lead change.

"We had senior classes where just 4 or 5 guys show up and they have bad attitudes," Alvarez said.

"As a whole they do a lot of things together," said head coach Kevin Kern, "grades, they worry about each other passing and failing. It's a real motivation between most of them and it's a really good thing to see."

In 2018 Alvarez earned first-team all district, standing out as an undersized linebacker who is destined to prove he's the real deal.

"People always tell me 'you're to small to play it.' But then they come to the game and end up saying 'you're not too bad' or they say 'you can do it for a blow, but too small for the next level, or big teams.' This year playing Carencro and these big teams I want to prove that I can play with whoever or where ever. I can play it," he said.