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Acadiana Kickoff Tour | North Central Hurricanes

Back to basics for North Central
Posted at 8:42 PM, Jul 30, 2019

OPELOUSAS — It back to the basics for North Central. Maybe even the most basic of basics.

"We have to go back and say hey, this is where the knee pads go, this is the butt pad, this is where you line up," said head coach Jacobi Thierry.

It's a little tongue-and-cheek, but North Central is leaning on a young group of players. But that doesn't mean expections aren't high. Thierry calls this the best team he's had in seven season with the Hurricanes.

"Our first realistic goal? Go into homecoming 3-0," he said. "The team's morale and community's morale would be real high and hungry for the rest of the season and it's something we haven't done in forever and a day at North Central."

Three wins would be a change of pace for a team who has only won three games the past five seasons. The team hasn't won a playoff game since the mid-90's. Thierry and players say the culture around the program is stronger and hope that translates on the field.

"Every other summer players don't show up," said sophomore quarterback Aaron Johnson. "This summer everyone came in and put in the work. We came together and maybe we can do the same in the season."

"Other teams in the past, we had guys just give up on the team," added sophomore wide receiver Chris Rideau. "I think everyone is dedicated this year and ready to win games."

2018 Record: 1-10
Head Coach: Jacobi Thierry
Returning Starters: 8
District: 5-1A
Other Notes: Hasn't won playoff game since mid-90's