Aircraft operator found guilty in Argentine soccer player's crash trial

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Posted at 1:31 PM, Oct 28, 2021

The businessman who organized the fatal aircraft flight that led to the death of Argentine soccer player Emiliano Sala was found guilty of endangering the safety of an aircraft.

The Associated Press reported that David Henderson, 67, was convicted by a jury at Cardiff Crown Court on Thursday by a verdict of 10-2.

According to the news outlet, Sala, 28, and pilot David Ibbotson, 59, were traveling in a single-engine Piper Malibu aircraft to Wales so Sala could join his new team, Cardiff.

The two were killed after their plane crashed into the English Channel on Jan. 21, 2019.

The AP reported that Henderson had asked Ibbotson, who did not have a commercial pilot’s license or was qualified to fly at night, to fly the plane since he was away on holiday.

The news outlet added that Ibbotson's rating to fly the aircraft had also expired.

After finding out about the crash, Henderson texted people, telling them not to talk because the information given to the public would "open a can of worms," ESPN reported.

According to ESPN, it took a jury seven and a half hours to convict Henderson.

Henderson will be sentenced on Nov. 12.