Cajuns’ Quarterbacks Trying to Take Advantage of New Opportunities

Posted at 10:03 PM, Aug 07, 2018

LAFAYETTE (KATC) – If you have two quarterbacks, you have no quarterbacks. We’ve heard the saying, but I wouldn’t mention it to Cajuns coach Billy Napier.

Monday somebody did.

Napier’s response, led by a bit of an eye roll, quickly backed up his quarterbacks. Napier has said all spring and summer that he believes both Andre Nunez and Levi Lewis can win football games. None of that, of course, is necessarily comforting for Cajun Nation, but only coach Napier needs to be confident.

He said Monday that both player bought in to the offseason program, and he is impressed with their dedication. The players themselves say they’re really embracing their opportunity this fall.

“With coach Napier coming in we have a clean slate,” said senior Andre Nunez. “What you did in the past doesn’t matter. With getting a fresh start, it’s been a healthy competition.”

“There is this thing, coach, he called me out on knowing somebody’s name,” said sophomore Levi Lewis. “You’ve got to know. You have to know where a guy is from, his first name, his last name, his mom, girlfriend. You have to know all of that to lead your team. Know your guys. That right there builds a brotherhood on the field, knowing your guy has your back.”

Monday coach announced Dion Ray will still be in the running for the third quarterback slot, but began taking reps at wide receiver.