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Vermilion Parish church drops 100 gallons of holy water

Posted at 7:14 PM, Dec 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-24 20:14:03-05

One town in Vermilion Parish decided to spread blessings during the holiday season in a different kind of way, that included 100 gallons of water and a plane.

"Just the sound of hearing the plane coming, just waiting for it, and the feeling of being blessed around the holidays and start the year off right," said Radina Hollier, owner of 5 Oaks Grocery.

It was the crop duster she heard, filled with 100 gallons of holy water that poured over the city of Cow Island that brought the community together. The idea was brought to the church by one of St. Anne's parishioners.

"I was up in Ohio and I actually had gone into prayer, praying for my community back here in Louisiana," said LeRyn Detraz, "My heart was just breaking for our community because there's so much work to be done here."

Father Matthew Barzare loved the idea, and together they started to work on this five-month project alongside a local flyer company. He says with the nearest church being 25 miles away, this was the perfect way to bring people together.

"Definitely encourages them in their faith and also come together more. To not be isolated," Father Barzare said.

In addition to bonding in the experience, the community also served a different type of benefit.

"We have a lot of farmland here, so our farmers got their land blessed as well," explained Hollier.

Those in attendance say it's an experience that can't be explained, one must witness it for themselves.

Church and community members both say they hope this is a tradition they continue into the next holiday season.