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St. Martinville council re-instates City Maintenance Supervisor

Posted at 10:07 PM, Aug 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-19 23:17:35-04

The St. Martinville City Council has voted to to re-instate the city's maintenance supervisor.

That vote Monday evening is once again leaving the council and the mayor are at odds. Mayor Melinda Mitchell declared Monday's meeting adjourned and walked out, later saying that she thought the council and the crowd were out of order. The council, however, went ahead with the meeting saying Mitchell never had a "second" to adjourn it.

The council then re-instated city's Maintenance Supervisor Brian Touchet who was placed on leave last week by the mayor over accusations he and his crew used city equipment to work on private property while on the clock.

At the meeting, the St. Martinville City Council found that Touchet was "just doing his job." Councilman Mike Fusilier says that a faulty list was given to Touchet by the city and the work was not the fault of Touchet and the workers.

"It was based on something that was out of their control. It was not their fault they were just doing their job," District 1 Councilman Mike Fusilier said.

Touchet will now be paid for those days he was suspended, according to Fusilier.

"Two hours of this meeting was about bad paperwork, improper paperwork and lack of paper work. Lack of record-keeping has been going on," Fusilier said.

A list of 16 items was brought forward at Monday's meeting in relation to the improper record keeping. Those items, according to Fusilier will be dealt with at a later meeting.

"Those things need to be addressed. We cannot keep on going like this," Fusilier said.

Touchet is the third City Maintenance superintendent of 2019 for the city. Read more from last weeks meeting here