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Winter Weather: Lafayette Parish

Posted at 9:52 AM, Feb 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-15 14:43:35-05

As of 9 a.m. Monday, Mayor-President Josh Guillory's stay-at-home order remains in place.

You can read the entire order here, but it pertains to all municipalities in the parish, and prohibits anyone from occupying, using, standing, sitting, traveling, or being present in any public place, including for the purposes of travel, with the following exceptions:

  • All law enforcement, fire, paramedics, or other medical personnel, essential services, restoration and repair personnel, as well as any other first responders or emergency response personnel authorized by Lafayette City-Parish Consolidated Government.
  • Credentialed news media.
  • Individuals traveling to seek exempt care

For purposes of this emergency order, "travel" includes, without limitation, travel on foot, motorcycle, automobile, or any other mode of transporting a person from one location to another.

There is no expiration date on the order right now; officials say they will lift the order when conditions improve.

"The conditions still remain the same. A lot of roads out there are frozen, our departments are working around the clock, and our police department is watching some pretty rough areas. Bridges that are of concern, the overpass at ambassador had some ice on it. We're looking for areas where our traffic, roads, and bridges department can go and spray salt and brine in the areas where it needs. The conditions are still rough out there and today is Monday, " Guillory said during a morning update with KATC. "We're believing the conditions will stay the same today and tomorrow. police department, first responders are all doing a good job. As the temperatures rise above freezing the concern is that the pipes will bust. Look, we have a plan in place,we're going to respond accordingly, and our first responders are doing a great job. We need to keep the roadway clear and let the first responders do their jobs."

He asks that residents and those moving within the parish use good judgment and stay off the roads until the situation clears.

"Use good judgement, common sense, and stay off the roadway if you don't have to be on the road. I know it's tempting whenever everyone is cooped up and get out there and check out everything. It's not safe to do so. Even as the temperatures rise there are still patches of black ice on the roadway. It is very dangerous so stay at home and stay off the roadways so our ambulance, police, and fire services to respond accordingly.

There are several road closures in the parish:

  • Ambassador Caffery Pwky at Cameron Street - ice on bridge
  • Camellia Blvd at Vermilion River - ice on bridge
  • Louisiana Avenue at I-10 East on ramp - ice on roadway
  • NE Evangeline Thurway at I-10 East on ramp - ice on roadway
  • NW Evangeline Thurway at I-10 - ice on roadway
  • NW Evangeline Thurway at I-10 E on ramp - ice on roadway
  • Young Street at North Larriviere - bridge icing over

For a look at closed roadways in Lafayette parish, click here.

We have no reports of power outages in the parish. For updates, click here.

Mayor-President Josh Guillory says that because of the concern for outages and utility issues they will be making sure elderly individuals are check on and safe if requested.

"We haven't had that situation yet, but there is a plan in place. We're working in conjunction with our utility companies in the parish, as well as our sheriff and police department to make sure our individuals are checked on, safely."

The parish has been working with local organizations to assist the homeless population before the freezing weather. Guillory says they have been actively working to keep those individuals safe.

"Our police department has been actively searching for our homeless population for the last couple of days. A big thanks to Arch and Catholic Charities for expanding their services. Also, organizations such as the HUB. We've been ahead of that, probably, since about Thursday of last week. Very proud at the end of our neighborhood."

Here are the parish closures we've found:
Monday, February 15 - 8:30 am - The Lafayette Regional Airport is closed due to icy conditions. Please contact your airline directly for your flight status.

Due to the forecast for winter precipitation early next week Lafayette Consolidated Government’s Department of Public Works Transit Division will not provide Daytime, Night Owl, or Para-transit bus service on Monday, February 15, 2021. Services are also no available on Tuesday, February 16 due to the Mardi Gras holiday. Transit services will resume regular schedules on Wedneday, February 17.

Para-transit transports will only be provided on Monday for critical-care patients needing transport to Dialysis treatment.

The Lafayette Council on Aging says Meals on Wheels will not run on Monday, February 15 due to weather conditions or on Tuesday, February 16, due to the Mardi Gras holiday.

The Lafayette Parish Library Board meeting scheduled for Monday, February 15, has been postponed because of expected wintry precipitation. It will be rescheduled.

Acadiana Women's Health Group located at 4640 Ambassador Caffery will close Monday February 15th due to weather and remain closed Tuesday for the Mardi Gras holiday. Operations will resume on Wednesday.

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Here's a post from the Broussard Police Department, showing icy conditions on U.S. 90:

Here are some videos sent in by our viewers from around the parish:

This is from Broussard:

Here's some video from around Lafayette Parish:

Icy weather in Lafayette

Here's a photo from the KOA campground:

Brittney Comeaux sent in this picture from Carencro: