Lafayette man asking for COVID-19 survivors to donate plasma for his wife fighting the virus

Posted at 11:26 PM, Apr 30, 2020

"It's a therapy that they want to try because they have nothing else to fight this with," said Darwin Shaw.

A Lafayette man is reaching out to the public for help, as his wife battles COVID-19.

His wife has been on a ventilator for a week. He's hoping survivors of COVID-19 could be able to help.

He wants COVID-19 survivors to come forward to donate plasma, hoping it could help his wife as she fights COVID-19 at Lafayette General.

"There's not much of a downside for anybody when they donate or receive it and I mean who knows what this could lead to," said Darwin Shaw.

Darwin Shaw's wife, Roxanne was hospitalized last week for COVID-19. Shaw says she's been on a ventilator for seven days and plasma therapy could help her recover.

"Some patients they claim it's a miracle, some patients have done well on it. It's a therapy that they want to try because they have nothing else to fight this with.

Only COVID-19 survivors who have fully recovered for at least 14 days are able to donate. Survivors who fought the virus, their plasma contains COVID-19 antibodies.

"The therapy is experimental but approved by the FDA and she gets the plasma and it gives her the exact antibodies that she needs to fight this coronavirus," said Shaw.

Shaw has not spoken to his wife since going on a ventilator and desperately wants her to come home and make a full recovery.

"She's a mother a grandmother but there's also other people up there they all need it too. By helping my wife, you know you can help lots of other people," said Shaw.

Any COVID-19 survivor who would like to donate to Shaw or any other patients, should call or email, and staff will guide you through the process to determine if you are eligible to donate.