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Iberia Parish judge's recusal motions reversed by appellate court

Posted at 6:31 PM, Dec 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-05 19:31:13-05

LAKE CHARLES, La. — The denial from 16th Judicial District Court Judge Lori Landry of several motions to recuse herself from hearing criminal cases in Iberia Parish from District Attorny Bo Duhé has been reversed by the Third Circuit Court of Appeal in Lake Charles.

The Daily Iberian is reporting that a three-judge appeal panel has unanimously agreed with the district attorney that Landry should not have personally denied the motions to recuse herself and that they should be brought before another judge for a hearing.

Landry is at the center of the complaint from the DA's office, which has filed more than 400 motions to have her recused, citing a number of cases where Landry accused prosecutors of having a racial bias and using threatening behavior toward them in court earlier this year.

In October,Landry herself ruled on dozens of the motions, refusing to recuse herself and saying, "I will not stay myself, the Third Circuit (Court of Appeals) can."

In November, the Louisiana Supreme Court appointed a retired judge to hear the hundreds of motions to recuse Landry in Iberia Parish.

The hearings for Landry's recusal motions are expected to begin on Thursday, Dec. 12 in New Iberia.