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UPDATE: Another body found

Posted at 12:31 PM, Apr 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-18 23:14:23-04

UPDATE: Another body has been recovered from the capsized Seacor vessel, a family member has posted.

"Update 10:01, 1 body was recovered and on way to port to be properly identified, they have cleared level 3. They are still actively diving and working," the relative of Chaz Morales posted. "Unfortunately I will no longer be making post in regards to this horrible, horrifying event that has taken place. I would say to everyone keep hope, faith and keep praying for a miracle."

Danielle Boteler has been posting detailed updates after every Coast Guard briefing of the families. We've reached out to the Coast Guard to verify.

Here's the post. If you don't see it, click here.

UPDATE: Our media partners at The Advocate have posted aerial photos from the scene, taken today.

Here's one of the photos:

Courtesy of The Advocate

And here's a link to the rest of them.

Family members and friends are taking to social media to express frustration about a lack of progress - and an apparent lack of activity - toward rescuing the men missing after a boat capsized last week.

And the Acadiana community - those who know the missing and many who do not - are sharing posts of hope and prayer.

So far, we know that nine people are still missing. Originally, 19 people were on the boat when it went down. Six were rescued, four are confirmed dead and nine remain missing.

Today we reached out to the Coast Guard, and we're waiting on a response. This morning, family posted that divers are not in the water because of weather conditions. But this afternoon, a family member said that crews are searching and are having to be extra careful not to disturb any potential air pockets. The families expect to know much more by 8 p.m.

Here's a post with an update on the diving resuming, from Danielle Boteler, a family member of a missing man:

"Dive operations were suspended last night due to current and sea state. They have actively stated back up at 10 ish," a familiy member posted. "The weather conditions went down in a matter of second with seconds to act. The Port side is what is sticking up out the water and that side just hold tanks. So with that being said we know he is not in that part that is sticking out.
Chaz would hold out every once of hope if he were here with us and standing on this ground, so that is what we will do.! We are holding on tight. Next update will come tonight about 9:15ish."

One of the men missing is Dylan Daspit, and his brother, Garrett, posted late Saturday that his family is suffering and feels there's no response.

"So with all that is going on, on behalf of the Daspit family we are beyond thankful for the continuing prayers for Dylans arrival to land," he wrote. "Unfortunately we are hearing a lot of people not getting answers, well I am here to tell y’all that we aren’t getting enough answers either. I can inform you if you ever are trapped under the water the coast guard has no say so at what goes on under the surface. As far as who, or what company of divers go under it is all up to the oil company that has hired services! Not too mention we have not heard one word or seen one face from talos energy!!! My dad was planning to hire his own divers and was told if anyone showed up on site they would be arrested, how is this fair to my brother!??"

Garrett Daspit wrote that every minute counts.

"Time is ticking and my brother is down there in that boat, and they know the same. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians in this case. Someone better start calling shots down here," he wrote.

Here's his post:

Here's a post from Dylan's wife:

Amy Pellegrin posted this video, which she said she owns and says was taken at 5 p.m. on Saturday. It is the site of the capsized boat, she says, and shows there's no one there:

An update from a family member indicates that, as of 9 p.m. last night, the divers had to come in after lunch Saturday because of the weather. The plan was to send the dive team - a total of 14 divers - would go out again at 10 a.m. last night.

"The water is extremely murky and so difficult to see," the post states. "Pray for calm seas and good weather so they can find them."

Here's that post:

There are many social media posts expressing hope for rescue, and prayers for the safety of the missing. Here are some of those posts:

This post is from a family member of one of the missing:

Here's a post from Bless Your Heart, a group that is trying to help and support the families: