Extreme 'haunted house' torture experience lasts 10 hours, offers $20,000 prize at the end

Posted at 2:37 PM, Oct 23, 2019

Would you be able to get through what’s arguably the scariest “haunted house” attraction ever?

Located in Alabama and Tennessee, McKamey Manor is home to “Desolation.” It’s a 10-hour extreme experience where “each guest will be mentally and physically challenged until you reach your personal breaking point,” the website says.

Footage shows participants in tight spaces, being locked in dark areas, taunted with insects and scorpions, harassed and covered in who-knows-what, among countless other things.

Commenters on YouTube have criticized the tour and said things like, "Yup never ever not even a chance that I will try that."

The website states you must be 21 years old, complete a sports physical, have doctors' letters clearing you mentally and physically, pass a background check and drug test, have proof of insurance and be screened beforehand. Once you get through those steps, you must also sign a 40-page waiver.

You are encouraged to make a donation before you tour what Wikipedia calls a “torture house attraction.” A local radio station says “the cost is only a bag of dog food, and if you can make it through you're rewarded with $20,000.” They say no one has been able to make it through to get the prize.

WGN says every tour is filmed to help protect the owner in court, which they've apparently had to use before when being sued.

The terrifying tour has been featured on Netflix’s “Dark Tourist” show.

This story was originally published by Ashley Loose on KNXV.