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Residents in Youngsville speak out following car crash with Councilmember Kayla Reaux

Some Youngsville residents are expressing their concerns following the Nov. 2022 car accident involving Councilmember Kayla Reaux.
Posted at 6:16 PM, Mar 28, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-28 19:16:03-04

The Nov. 12 car crash that involved Youngsville Councilwoman Kayla Menard Reaux is sparking controversy among several residents.

The Youngsville Police Department responded to a scene back in November 2022, where Reaux crashed into a parked vehicle on Palfrey Parkway in Sugar Mill Pond, shortly after midnight.

According to body camera footage, Youngsville Police Chief Rickey Boudreaux arrived on the scene. However, some residents said they're concerned because Reaux was not given a breathalyzer or citation for the crash.

KATC reached out to both Boudreaux and Reaux for comment, but did not receive a statement regarding the matter.

Rene Squyres said she has been living in Youngsville for nearly four years. She said Reaux should be held to the same standard as everyone else.

"I actually watched the video and thought it was a little unfair," Squyres said. "If it would've been anyone else, I think that we would've paid the price for it, probably had the breathalyzer done, got out, walked...done the testing."

Marshall Thomas is a retired Veteran and former government employee. He too said Reaux should not be exempt from the law.

"It's setting a double-standard if they let her off because as a tax-paying citizen, she's set to a higher standard that she needs to serve the general public," Thomas said.

In a text message, Boudreaux wrote, "I have not released the statement yet and I'm hesitant to send out anything to your news agency with ya'll being so closely tied to The Advocate. When I decide to release my statement I'm going to send it to news agencies that will give unbiased and true information. I am not saying your agency is biased, but the connection between your agency and The Advocate has me considering not sending it to either agency. No offense intended, just being cautious."

To preview a screenshot of the text, please click on the link to the article, below:

VIDEO: Youngsville Police Chief, council member at crash (katc.com)