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Jeanerette Fire Department is Investigating a Crash into Collins Square Apartments

The Jeanerette Fire Department is investigating a crash that displaced two families on Monday.
Posted at 9:35 AM, May 03, 2023

The Jeanerette Fire Department is investigating a crash that left two families displaced on Monday.

According to fire officials, a UHaul truck crashed into an apartment on 830.5 Canal Street, causing minor injuries to residents who were home at the time.

Renee Silas said she has been living in the Collins Square apartment complex since 2014. Silas said she and her 30-year-old daughter who is blind were terrified when everything came crashing down.

"A lady shouted, 'Ma'am, I hit you with the vehicle, are you alright," I said 'No, I'm huritng, I'm pinned down. I'm hurting," Silas said. "I can't feel my leg and she said, 'Ma'am, help is coming. The ambulance is on their way."

Silas said she was in her bedroom, watching television when suddenly, her dresser was crushing her leg and she couldn't move.

"I went to the hospital [Iberia Medical Center] once the ambulance got here and Lord, I'm just so happy to be here," Silas said.

Silas said her daughter also suffered from a panic attack and a head injury, while trying to save her.

"She tried to come to the room, but the impact of when the vehicle hit my room, the door flew off and she flipped over the floor and she hit her head," Silas said.

Marie Lemon said she is Silas' sister. Lemon told KATC she witnessed the crash happen right before her eyes.

"Somebody was about to move in the next apartment across from me and the UHaul was coming for them to move their stuff, to bring their stuff in," Lemon said. "The UHaul came like this way and backed up and then all of a sudden went zoom, all you could hear was raam."

The cause of the crash is still unknown, but according to the Jeanerette Fire Department, the Red Cross is also helping those impacted.