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Guillory's Administration Announces Plans to Develop Downtown Lafayette

Mayor-President Josh Guillory's administration announces a new, public-private partnership to improve the city of Lafayette.
Posted at 10:54 PM, Mar 01, 2023
and last updated 2023-03-02 15:54:21-05

Mayor-President Josh Guillory's administration released renditions and a proposal to strengthen Downtown, through a public-private partnership.

According to a press release filed on Wednesday, a new residential and parking garage development may be built on the corner of Convent Street and Lee Street in Lafayette.

The city plans to partner with Business Owner and Developer, Johnny Blancher in order to bring the project into fruition.

"I am a Downtown resident, as well as I have a Downtown business, Rock'n'Bowl," Blancher said. "I can tell you that it's a great place to live and I've had my family there, three children have spent their teenage years in Downtown and it's been a wonderful place for my wife and I and my family and it can be for yours."

Some officials said they have questions about the plan, including City Court Judge, Douglas Saloom.

"Why was it now open to other business owners that may have wanted in on buying some land Downtown? Why is it so, as reported as the head of the DDA confidential and private discussions?" Saloom asked.

KATC reached out to Council Member Nanette Cook for comment on the proposal. In an email statement Cook wrote, "Unfortunately, I was not given any details about this potential partnership...As far as I am concerned, we have no plans with regard to selling these city-owned buildings without a plan of re-location for City Court and the Marshal's Office."

Judge Saloom said there's a legal process that is required, before anyone can sell city property.

"Shouldn't everything be above board?" Saloom asked. "That's the real issue. So, it's not 'Is it good for the community,' is, is it done properly to justify the need for the community to make sure that everything is appropriate and necessary."

According to Mayor-President Josh Guillory, a date has not been set for the prospective residential and parking garage development, but he said he's confident in the plan.