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Creole Recipe Helps Past, Present and Future Generations

Blackbird Botanica, a Black-owned beverage company provides customers with holistic remedies from the past.
Posted at 6:49 PM, Feb 10, 2023

If you're a frequent shopper in Nunu's Cajun Market in Youngsville, you may have noticed some organic teas selling off the shelves.

Rayvin Brave Chevalier and her husband, Brandon Chevalier said their ancestors inspired them to launch Blackbird Botanica, a Black-owned beverage company in 2020.

"Blackbird Botanica is comprised of a few products that brings honor from our past to the future," Rayvin said. "A lot of healers use this tea for generations and I brought it back to our generation. Now, we get to see what our ancestors went through and how they survived these cold, Winter months."

The Creole Elixers are made with Louisiana honey, fragrant fruits like lemons and bold spices like garlic and other natural ingredients.

Rayven said the teas became a hit when Covid-19 began spreading in 2020 and many people were ill.

"We needed natural health products because we didn't trust the pharmacies," Rayvin said. "Thankfully, we have five pharmacies that co-signed this product."

Now, the Blackbird Botanica teas can be found in more than 30 stores and are also available on Amazon.

Aaron Goss, Store Manager at Nunu's Cajun Market in Youngsville helps the Chevalier's sell the teas at retail prices.

"It's been fantastic." Goss said. "As soon as we get a new shipment, I normally post it on my Facebook page and almost within hours, we have more people here, asking about it."

The Chevalier's announced they are working on a new product, similar to an au natural cough drop.

Their seven-year-old son, Judah said he enjoys helping his parents prepare the products.

"I give them their caps," Judah said. "The gold ones."