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3 Injured in Heymann Park Shooting

According to LPD, three people were injured on Sunday evening after a suspect opened gunfire in Heymann Park.
Posted at 6:00 PM, May 08, 2023

Lafayette police are investigating a shooting that left three people recovering from gunshot wounds on Sunday.

According to Sergeant Robin Green, police arrived at Heymann Park around 6:50 in the evening after getting a disturbance call about gun shots.

"Upon arrival, whenever our officers got there, one of our officers did witness a subject with a gun in their possession, actually shooting into a crowd, at a vehicle," Green said.

Green said there was a party happening in the park when an LPD officer found a suspect firing shots on the scene.

"This officer then discharged his weapon in the event to preserve life in the park so at this time, there is no indication that our officers struck anyone," Green said.

I spoke to a woman who lives near Heymann Park and wishes to remain anonymous. However, the witness said she saw the gunman from her doorstep.

"I heard the gunshots and I seen the little guy holding a real, long rifle," the witness said. "It was so heavy, he fell to the ground shooting."

According to the witness, she was terrified while watching the gunman open fire in the park. However, she said she recalls what it he looks like.

"He was a little, short, dark-skinned guy with one of them old time jerseys that button down, a baseball jersey," the witness said. "He had that on, that's all that I could recall."

The witness also told me that the gunman threw his weapon on the ground and LPD was able to retrieve it.

LPD is asking anyone who may have any information regarding this shooting to please contact Lafayette Crime Stoppers at 232-8477.