EF-1 tornado causes a tree to fall on home

Posted at 12:29 AM, Feb 10, 2023
and last updated 2023-02-10 01:29:13-05

The National Weather Service confirmed on Thursday that an EF-1 tornado hit the small community of Morrow, which lies North of St. Landry Parish. Where it caused damage to a residence home.

Sandra Carter whose home was struck by a falling tree during the tornado recounts the moment her house was hit and her dog Sassy was the one who alerted her to take cover in the bathroom.

Carter tells KATC, "She was in the bathroom, I said to come out of the bathroom girl, but she was pacing she was very nervous and I went to pick her up and she ran away and came back and so I finally picked her up and about the
the time I picked her up and I turned to go out of the bathroom, my bathroom exploded. The tree fell, the glass it just went everywhere."

Carter credits her strength during this stressful time to her neighbors and others who helped
clear up the debris.

"It's family-oriented, everybody helps everybody if they can, we all work together,
as you saw today because those were
members of the church up there on that roof cutting, it's just the type of community," said Carter.

Carter's longtime neighbor Parker, says love and support is always present here in Morrow.

"The community is very welcoming, family or not they will welcome you as family and treat you as family. We all have so much love and support around for one another," said Parker.