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Dave Trips: Symphony Sunday in the Park

Free Performance by the Acadiana Symphony in New Iberia
Posted at 2:30 AM, Apr 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-01 03:30:33-04

New Iberia is known as the Queen City on the Teche. It's the saltiest, spiciest, and sweetest place on Earth! Visitors from around the world enjoy The Shadows on the Teche, a lovely walk along historic Main Street, fishing, and boating.

New Iberia also has one of the most beautiful parks in Acadiana, City Park. On Sunday at 3pm you can enjoy spring, family and friends and a beautiful collection of music from the Acadiana Symphony.

Mariusz Smolij-Music Director/Composer Acadiana Symphony Orchestra

Cathy Indest, President of the Iberia Cultural Resources Association says, "It's an amazing event where we offer this beautiful outdoor concert for everyone in this community free of charge! There will be a lot of people here who could not afford a symphony ticket."

Cathy Indest, President-Iberia Cultural Resources Association

For those with kids, or perhaps intimidated about a live symphony performance, this is the perfect chance to sample the experience. Indest continues, "We have so many families that come with their children, and the the kids are exposed to this wonderful experience."

Most of us associate the symphony with the Heymann Center, and perhaps Lafayette. But it's right there in their name that's the reason they reach out to communities like New Iberia.

Dana Baker-Executive Director Acadiana Symphony Orchestra

"Well, we're known as the Acadiana Symphony, and not the Lafayette symphony. This is why we reach out to as many communities as possible!" says Dana Baker, Executive Director of the Acadiana Symphony Orchestra.

How do the musicians feel about going out on the road? Baker continues, "They love it! They love an audience that's excited to be there, especially when you get to be outdoors. It's a little different."

Audience Enjoying Symphony Sunday in the Park

"They love coming to New Iberia!" adds Indest. "Because we have such great crowds. Not just big crowds, but crowds that are enthusiastic!"

Even though the symphony will take the stage at 3pm, you should come early. There will be food, drinks, and desserts. In addition, there will be entertainment from the Andy Smith band starting at 1pm. You'll also have the chance to impress your park friends. "We have a picnic contest for the best picnic theme!" says Indest.

Audience Enjoys Symphony Sunday in the Park

The Iberia Cultural Resources Association has continued to put on the Symphony Sunday in the park and other music events through the year. Indest says, they have a lot of help. "New Iberia is one of the most generous communities in Acadiana. We have symphony patrons who give us the money to fund these four free concerts throughout the year. It's the fact that this community comes out to attend these concerts." Indest adds, "This Sunday in particular we might have a thousand people in this park!"

For those with physical limitations, golf cart rides will be available from the parking area to the main stage. For those who can't attend, KANE Radio 107.5 FM and AM 1240 will broadcast the event, they also have a live stream on their website.

The Symphony Sunday in the Park is the final event of the Books Along The Teche Literary Arts Festival. For more information on the schedule of events, check out this story from KATC's Abby Breidenbach.