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We're Open: Zea t-shirt fundraiser

Posted at 6:47 PM, Mar 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-28 17:22:01-04

The Coronavirus has forced Zea Rotisserie & Grill to cut back on some of its staffing in Lafayette, but they’ve come up with a pretty neat way for all of us to help members of this Zeas family to get through this tough time.

The keywords involved: Quarantine Cuisine—Zea. “My partner, Greg Raggio, started a fundraiser for the now 600 Zea employees south Louisiana-wide that do not have a job anymore,” says Leonard Louvierre, co-owner and general manager of the Lafayette location.

It’s all about family at Zea—not only in Lafayette but throughout the 14-restaurant chain in south Louisiana. And Louvierre says, by purchasing a t-shirt called ‘Quarantine Cuisine’ Acadiana residents can help the many Zea employees who, over the years, have helped and served them.

“’Quarantine Cuisine’,” repeats Louvierre. “If you buy that shirt all of the proceeds go to the employees who, like I said, do not have a job now and likely will not for a while. We’re gonna do our best for ‘em; it’s one of the few things we can possibly do.”

With a reduced staff, Zea is still handling take-out orders for many of your favorites. Call-in or have it delivered; no one in the restaurant, please.

But there’s still the big picture, the matter of family, both longtime Zea customers and longtime employees. The purchase of a simple t-shirt would work wonders in a big, big way. “And yes, I feel like everybody that comes here is the same,” Louvierre says. “I’ve treated them that way for 20 years, and I’m not gonna stop.”

In addition to being able to say ‘We’re Open’, and in addition to helping out members of the Zea family, Zea is also offering 50% off to First-Responders on their orders—firefighters and police officers and medical personnel—anyone who matches that First-Responder definition.

“Quarantine Cuisine” t-shirts sell for $25 each, and can be purchased online at https://stores.inksoft.com/zea.