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We're Open: Nash's Restaurant in Broussard

Posted at 5:40 PM, Mar 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-31 19:49:52-04

“It’s a whole new era, a whole new time for everybody,” begins Jenny Barrecca, “teaching us a lot of patience, teaching us to have faith, also teaching me to do a little more cooking than I really wanted to learn. But all in good time.”

Jenny Barreca is in good spirits, but the stillness of her family-owned Nash's Restaurant is admittedly a bit disconcerting. "Quiet, a lot quieter than we'd like it. We miss our friends and our customers."

Still, the doors to her Broussard restaurant are open, 11 to 2 and 5 to 8. A couple weeks ago, the easy decision might have been to shut the doors. But Jenny and her husband Nash viewed the concept of staying in business as a responsibility. "Community-wise, family-wise, employee-wise, friends-wise," lists Barreca.

Life as a small business has never been easy, but Barecca is hoping that relationships will see the restaurant through these corona-laden waters.

“It’s hard, we’re hoping that all of our customers and our friends who have been with us for 21 years will remember us, will miss us and come back,” she says.

Call-in orders are encouraged, and the restaurant is in perpetual wipe-down mode.

And such is the reality in this spring of 2020, not only for Nash's restaurant, but for small businesses everywhere.

“Could it be better?” asks Barreca. “Life in general could always be better. But we’re blessed, we’re blessed that we’ve had a following for the 20 years that we’ve been here, and like everybody else, all we can do is sit on the rollercoaster and ride it out.”

Nash’s Restaurant is located at 101 E. Second Street in Broussard. Call 337-839-9333 or visit online at www.nashsrestaurant.com to place an order.