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We're Open: Keeping Acadiana in Motion

Posted at 6:21 PM, Apr 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-02 20:03:35-04

David Dugas and Jay Menard started this business 64 years ago, and even in the Corona Era, Charlie Dugas working hard to maintain those pre-established business practices. “Service is our business, and the golden rules—treat everyone like you want to be treated what you get in is what you get out.. treat people like family,” says Dave’s Car Care Center owner Charlie Dugas.

Customers have been in good spirits, says Charlie Dugas. Not confrontative, understanding and patient. But customers in general have been harder to find, which has had its own ripple effects.

“We’ve slowed down dramatically, Scott, we’ve seen a big decrease in business, traffic flow,” explains Dugas, “and we’ve scaled down to a skeleton crew working part-time, we’ve reduced our hours.”

First-responders, doctors and nurses are greatly admired by Charlie Dugas. In fact, he says, if during this time, any of these workers have a problem near either his Pinhook or Ambassador locations, they simply have to pick up the phone.

“You have a dead battery, you need a jump start, you walk out of the office to a flat tire, we’re always happy to go and assist you, if you can’t send it to the shop we’ll can go pick it up for you.”

Dave’s is essential, explains Dugas, because they keep traffic flowing, they help keep Acadiana flowing. Even so, business under the Corona umbrella, isn’t something from which he’ll develop any special memories.

“It’s pretty surreal, for sure never seen anything like this before in my lifetime, hope to never see it again in my lifetime.”

Dave’s Car Care Center has two locations, 1400 W. Pinhook Road (337-233-1055) and 5036 Ambassador Caffery Parkway (337-291-0960). Visit the website www.davescarcareservice.com for more information.