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We're Open: Holding Aces in Arnaudville

Posted at 6:46 PM, Apr 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-01 20:07:04-04

"I think the general feeling is everybody knows that life goes on and we have to deal with the situation that we’re in. Coronavirus and everybody’s dealing with it in a different way."

A ‘different way’ for a number of loyal customers of Michael Pierce's Ace Hardware Store in Arnaudville, is that they're assessing things around their homes… and then fixing, renovating or buying something new. Pierce says demand and requests for products have been aimed at all of his departments.

"No, really as far as the product goes, and everybody’s asked me this question –it’s been straight across the board, whether it’s painting, or plumbing, we’re redoing this or redoing that," explains Pierce. "But it’s no one specific thing."

Inventory is solid in every department and down every aisle of Ace; except, that is for the hard-to-find wipes, gloves and masks. Those, says Pierce, are either hard-to-find or simply impossible to get.

"Actually no, we have not been able to get them. The warehouse we pull from has been completely out and they don’t know when at this present time when they’ll get any additional ones in."

Regardless of their ability to sell wipes, etc., the cleaning never stops at this Arnaudville business, and staff will take care of customers inside or outside the store. That, adds Pierce, is another benefit to shopping local.

"You can be there in a few minutes, you can be back home in a few minutes – somebody’s gonna come in the door and somebody’s gonna help you," adds Pierce.

The news at this Ace location is relatively good: Sales are down just a bit, but the flow of customers is steady and his staff remains employed.

Pierce says the people of Arnaudville are a resilient lot and are making the best of things--- even if they’re not doing some home improvements. His hope is that this coronavirus Era might turn out to be a re-set button for all of us.

"I think people are going to look back even after this situation is over, and we’ve made a habit now of doing things we’ve kind of taken for granted in the past, so people will be a little more cautious in the future, even after this."

Ace Hardware is located at 1602 Courtableu Street in Arnaudville. Call 337-754-5189 for more information.