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We're Open: Cajun Sno in Lafayette

Posted at 8:35 PM, Apr 04, 2020

You might not be able to walk up and order, but that isn't stopping loyal customers of a local snow cone stand who want a chilly treat.

Cajun Sno on Johnston St. has seen cars line the drive thru.

Employees walk up and take orders and say they are glad so many people are still healthy enough to enjoy their sweet treats.

We're keeping everyone in their cars, making sure everyone keeps their distance," explained John Spielvogel, a cashier at Cajun Sno. "We run out orders, we go out and take their orders."

Customer Haleigh Bordelon said she's glad there are still places open and that it adds a little normalcy.

"It's just really comforting to know that there are still places that you can go, hang out with friends, and just social distance while you eat the snow cones. It's just comforting," Bordelon said.

Spielvogel said employees started the social distancing process by closing the porch, to keep crowds from gathering.

"Then, we have gloves and masks. We're also bleaching our money," he added.

Another customer in line, Emily Angelle, said, "It makes me feel very good to know that they care enough to stay open, but that they care so much that they don't want to make us sick, they put their gloves on. It's just awesome that they care so much."

"I'm glad our customers feel safe enough for them to come over here and trust us," said Spielvogel.