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Customers line up to finally get a trim

Posted at 6:32 PM, May 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-15 19:43:45-04

So many people have been waiting for today, the day they can finally get their hair cut.

At Just-Us-Cuts in Lafayette, customers have been lined up all day.

The parking lot has been full and customers wait to be called one-by-one to finally get a trim.

"My hair was getting too long for me," said Kenneth James.

He didn't mind hanging out on his tailgate as he waited. In fact, he said he was happy to be able to talk with the other customers.

"I've been coming for awhile over here. They're good people and I love to listen to them," James said.

Todd Duhon with Just-Us-Cuts said, "It's great to see them. We've been missing them and ready to see them for months. We appreciate all our clients. We've been really, really busy thank God."

The shop is only allowing one customer per stylist in at a time. Typically four people are working, but now, they're working in shifts.

"We have to disinfect and clean everything," Duhon said. "We're keeping the place very clean and we've pretty much remodeled everything inside. It's been washed down, cleaned up and ready to go."

Even some of the youngest customers are glad things are semi getting back to normal.

Six-year-old William Flytt said he loves coming to get his hair cut by "Mr. Todd." Flytt said, "He does the best haircuts."

Duhon said, "That's all we can do is make people happy and make them look good again!"