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Weather staying nice, comfortable in short-term; humidity sneaks up by weekend

Posted at 4:05 PM, Oct 06, 2021

The rest of the work week will continue to feature cool nights and warm afternoons.

And although high temperatures have been pushing the middle 80s, it is actually spot on for where we should be for early October.

Furthermore, dewpoints have been in the 60s so it has not felt too terribly bad out there, especially in the shade.

Unfortunately, for anyone looking for a definitive cold front, there does not appear to be one on the horizon anytime soon.

In fact, the CPC shows warmer than normal temperatures across our part of the world through at least the middle parts of the month.

CPC Temp 8-14 Outlook.png
CPC Outlook

Meanwhile tonight, temperatures will be heading down into the lower and middle 60s under clear skies.

Another nice day will be in store Thursday.

It'll be a warm one as temperatures top out in the middle to perhaps upper 80s in spots.


Again, humidity will be tolerable with dewpoints in the 60s.

Much of the same can be expected for Friday.

We'll keep the nice weather going into the weekend as well, but you'll start to notice an increase in that humidity.

In fact, feeling more like summer by the end of the weekend and into next week.

And with that, we'll bring back the chance to see a few showers although rain chances won't be super high through the next 10 days.


There is only one small spot the NHC is highlighting off the east coast.

Tropical Satellite Enhanced Rob2.png
Tropical Map

However, it is not likely to develop in the coming days as it battles unfavorable environmental conditions.

The rest of the tropics are quiet at this time.