Scattered Storms Back for Wednesday

Staying steamy
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Posted at 3:20 AM, Aug 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-03 09:36:06-04

Summertime heat, and a juicy atmosphere will contribute to scattered showers and thunderstorms again today. Temperatures will climb into the lower 90s late this morning, and then fall a few degree as the afternoon rains kick in. With the huge amounts of moisture, some of the downpours could be heavy at times.

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10 Day Forecast

The pattern isn't expected to change a whole lot over the next few days. Sunny skies during the morning, scattered showers and storms developing around midday, then afternoon rains continuing until the loss of the daytime heating during the evening.

Expect highs to reach the lower 90s through the weekend, with overnight temperatures only dipping into the upper 70s. Heat index values will climb to 100-105 before the rains push in.

Early Wednesday Satellite Imagery of the Atlantic Ocean

Fortunately, hurricane season remains quiet. Ample amounts of Saharan dust, and not a whole lot of tropical waves for this time of year. Keeping our fingers crossed, but if the model data holds, we might not have any tropical weather to worry about for the next couple of weeks!!