A breakdown of the severe threat for Thursday.

Posted at 6:49 AM, Apr 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-03 09:42:00-04

This is the time of year when weather can be a little more volatile across south Louisiana, so right on cue we’re talking about the potential of severe weather.

A quick moving system will sweep in from the west and will be capable of producing showers and strong storms, with a slight chance of them becoming severe.

Storm Prediction Center’s severe weather outlook for Thursday.

Area of Concern: A slight risk of severe weather is locked in for the northern half of Acadiana, think areas north of the I-10 corridor, with south Acadiana could still see severe weather the chances are a little more slim.

The greatest risk looks like it might be the Arklatex region where some of the upper dynamics will be a little more favorable.

Timing: The strongest storms will move through Thursday in the mid morning with a window of about 7:00 to 10:00 a.m

While the window for this is pretty event is pretty big it builds in a little of the uncertainty that comes with a system of this nature as they are very hard to time.

Showers will linger through the majority of the day but the strongest storms will be with us for the first half, the atmosphere will run out of the needed energy to rebuild those storms in the afternoon.

Chance of the different severe threats with Thursday’s system.
Model projects for rain totals on Thursday.

Threats: When it comes to the severe weather threats hail and damaging wind will be the big issues with some of the stronger storms.

The tornado threat is very slim, but is still possible so we’ll keep an eye out for rotation with some of the thunderstorms, and bring you warnings if they arrive.

Regardless of the severe weather we will get a round of heavy showers that could total of close to a half inch to an inch of rain.

There could be some hot-spots in eastern Acadiana that could total closer to 2″ of rain which could lead to some minor street flooding.

Wednesday’s forecast.

In the Meantime: Wednesday’s weather isn’t looking too bad at all, it’ll be another sunny and cool start to the day with a warm afternoon.

Plenty of morning sunshine will be available but there will be an increase in cloud cover as we get further into the evening.

Calm wind will give way to a solid breeze by the end of the day coming in from the south and bringing in the moisture that will fuel Thursday’s storms.