Door remaining open for storms through the day

Posted at 6:11 AM, Feb 26, 2019

The clouds moved back in on Monday and, once again, they look to be sticking around through the better part of the work week.

Cloud cover will now be joined by showers and some thunderstorms that pop up and drift across Acadiana through the day.

There’s a marginal chance for some severe weather, any severe weather will be isolated and fairly short lived, but attention should still be paid to the radar.

Hail is going to be the primary threat to watch out for Tuesday with cool air sitting at the top of the atmosphere, along with the possibility of thunderstorms producing decent updrafts.

It’s not going to be a steady constant rain but the door will be open for showers to develop all day long with an uptick in activity expected in the afternoon.

That means right around commute time is when the stronger storms may be kicking in and the radar may be the most active.

Tuesday is part of an unsettled work week with the door open for a steady stream of broken showers all the way through Thursday.

Temperatures will be close to average Tuesday afternoon with higher temperatures through the week getting back up to feeling more spring like outside.

This time of year is notoriously tricky with the weather up and down which will be the case as we get closer to Mardi Gras day.