Sunshine gives way to a return of clouds

Posted at 5:42 AM, Feb 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-25 06:42:42-05

The weather finally saw a return of sunshine on Sunday and the sun will remain out for a little longer before disappearing again behind a layer of clouds.

It’s a nice start to the work week with plenty of sunshine along with cool temperatures and even a drop in humidity Monday morning.

This sunshine isn’t going to stick around for very long as clouds start to trickle back in to Acadiana through the day.

While the clouds increase temperatures will level off in the lower 60s giving us one more cool day before warm, muggy conditions return to the area.

Showers will be back on Tuesday morning with a warm front pushing in across the area making for a soggy morning commute.

We’ll need to be on the look out for an isolated severe thunderstorm or two as that front moves in across the region.

The warm front will drag along with it some warm, muggy conditions which will stick around through the extended forecast keeping the door open for showers through the week.

This is an unsettled forecast and as a result it will evolve as the week goes on, usually this doesn’t have much of an impact but with Mardi Gras around the corner everyone is trying to finalize holiday plans.

The best course of action for revelers will be to stay flexible and be prepared to update your plans as the forecast changes.