Rain chances stay elevated through the week

Posted at 6:10 AM, Feb 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-19 08:38:10-05

It’s a sloppy forecast for the last full week of February with high rain chances each and every day through the weekend.

After a round of showers early Tuesday morning, clouds will be hanging around with scattered showers popping up through the afternoon.

Tuesday’s showers will be broken up and fairly light, although the clouds will be blanketing and not allowing much, if any, sunshine.

As we go through Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning rain chances will increase and showers will be heavier on Wednesday’s commute.

This rainfall is coming courtesy of a stalled front which won’t be moving a whole lot over the next several days keeping rain chances elevated all the way into the weekend and beyond.

It’ll certainly be very wet this week but it’ll feel like the rain totals are higher than they actually are with 2-4″ possible over a five day time period.

This will prevent a major widespread flooding event, although a few heavy downpours could end in periods of localized minor flooding.

Temperatures will eventually warm up through the day on Tuesday, with temperatures even warming after the sun sets.

As the week goes on we will eventually see the highs getting into the upper 70s and even close to around 80 by the end of the week.

A forecast such as the one we have this week has a lot of different factors going into it so change is highly likely so make sure you’re staying up to date.