Showers move through Saturday followed by cold

Posted at 7:04 AM, Jan 17, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-17 09:22:21-05

The west coast has been hammered by a storm system that has officially started its move to the east, crossing the Rockies on Thursdays before heading out into the plains.

This is the next big weather maker in Acadiana, and while there will certainly be big impacts from this system it won’t be the major weather other parts of the country are receiving.

That being said it’s still a wet weekend for us here in Acadiana, and it will be quickly followed up by temperatures falling to some of their lowest of the season.

Showers will start to pick up on Saturday early morning with most of us waking up to solid rainfall in south Louisiana, with wet weather continuing through about lunch time.

While a few thunderstorms will be possible the rain will remain fairly moderate and the rain totals likely won’t get much higher than about an inch.

There will be an outside chance for some severe weather but the likelihood in Acadiana will be minimal and even then mostly for eastern parts of Acadiana.

Once the rain comes to an end on Saturday the cold will come rushing in to Acadiana sending temperatures plummeting through the day.

Winds will be gusty enough that the wind chill will be down to around freezing on Saturday night and cold through the day on Sunday.

There will be a quick turnaround in temperatures after for the start of next week, warming on Monday, before the next front swings through on Tuesday.