Skies stay dreary for another day

Posted at 6:47 AM, Oct 23, 2018

The clouds settled in on Monday and now that they’re in place they will be locked in for the majority of the work week.

We’ve had a round of light, steady showers Tuesday morning and that will be the case moving forward through the afternoon.

The rain will be slow and steady, never really causing too many problems, but it will be damp enough for an umbrella if you’ll be out and about.

Cloud cover will keep the temperatures fairly uniform without much of a warm up expected at all Tuesday afternoon.

There’s two main features to keep an eye on for the next few days, one is a ridge of high pressure in the Gulf of Mexico, the other is a major hurricane in the Pacific.

Upper air pattern set up for the week.

As the storm crosses the Peninsula and into the Gulf of Mexico it will get caught up in the ridge sitting in the Yucatan.

This low will keep these showers in place through the week, and could even spark some heavy showers on Thursday morning.

Thursday could be the most problematic day but the good news is that the heaviest rain fall should remain just offshore.

When all is said and done we could be looking at a few inches of rain for areas south of I-10, keep in mind though that it won’t all arrive at once.

Once the showers end on Thursday we will finally start to slowly clear out and we’ll pave the way for a nice weekend.