Heat Advisory up as temperatures climb

Posted at 4:23 PM, Jul 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-19 17:23:47-04

Weather can be surprising sometimes, things pop up out of nowhere and just when you think you’ve got a handle on what’s going on everything changes out of nowhere. 

This is not one of those forecasts, in the least surprising thing to happen this week a Heat Advisory has been posted for most of Louisiana for Friday (this will almost certainly be expanded into the weekend). 

Acadiana’s round of heat has been well advertised for a few days now and all it takes is leaving the comfort of the A/C for a grand total of about 30 seconds to see why the advisory is in place. 

Afternoon highs will be in the mid-90s but the heat index, or the feel like temperature, is the number you’ll want to focus on the most and that will be in the 106-110 range. 

Those are just Friday’s numbers, the numbers coming in over the weekend will be even higher in the afternoon with this heat wave lasting into the middle of next work week. 

Showers won’t have much of a chance to get going with the ever-expanding ridge of high pressure to our west squashing anything that will try to pop up in the afternoon. 

While we’re certainly used to this kind of heat and go through it at least once a summer it’s a good reminder to just chill out in the A/C for a little if you can, of course, those who can’t need to make sure that they drink plenty of water. 

Stay cool out there!