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Walmart is selling giant Easter eggs full of Cheez-Its, Pop-Tarts and more

Walmart Is Selling Giant Easter Eggs Full Of Cheez-Its, Pop-Tarts And More
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Easter bunnies. Easter bonnets. Easter baskets. The holiday comes with a ton of fun traditions, but perhaps the most ubiquitous are Easter eggs.

Some people love the classic, hard-boiled variety that you dye different colors and then peel to eat. Others prefer the sweeter variety, like chocolate eggs, Cadbury Creme Eggs, or even Jell-O eggs. Still others like to buy the plastic kind and fill them with jelly beans, coins, stickers and other small toys.

But if you’re up for something a little different to put into your kids’ Easter baskets this year, Walmart has some new, giant eggs filled with unexpected treats.

Instagram user @foodiewiththebeasts came across huge, colorful eggs in three different varieties. First, for the savory snack lover, there’s the Cheez-It-filled Easter Egg. And for those with a sweet tooth, this sharp-eyed Walmart shopper also found a giant Strawberry Pop-Tart-filled Easter Egg and a Rice Krispies Treat-stuffed one! You can get a look at all three in their Instagram post:

We did an online search to find these excellent Easter Eggs, but it looks like Walmart is only selling them in their retail stores at this point. Commenters on the original Instagram post have had mixed results in finding these massive eggs on the shelves. So if you’re out and about and happen to see some, you might want to grab a couple.

The mastermind behind these new Easter Eggs is Frankford Candy. This manufacturer of holiday treats specializes in out-of-the-ordinary confections for people looking for something delicious but different.

However, if you’re looking for other varieties of jumbo Easter Eggs and want to do your shopping online, we did find various movie-themed options for you on Five Below’s official website. These $3 treat-filled eggs — which are filled with jelly beans and sour candies — can be shipped right to your door.

Five Below


In addition to a “Toy Story 4”-themed egg, we also found similar jumbo Easter Eggs with characters from Paw Patrol, Jurassic Park, Marvel, Super Mario, Hatichmals, L.O.L. Surprise and more.

Which is your favorite type of Easter egg?

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