Ville Platte woman's car caught in the crossfire of a shootout

Posted at 5:57 PM, Jul 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-29 19:46:38-04

A Ville Platte woman is calling for an end to violence after she was caught in the middle of crossfire.

Alaijah Doucet's car was riddled with bullet holes Sunday morning. It's a frightening reminder for Doucet, who says she and her friends were caught in the middle of a shootout.

"All I could've said was what if," Doucet said. "What if somebody would've stayed in the car?" She added, "It sounded like they were shooting about three guns."

Doucet says she and her friends stopped at the Shell gas station after a night out. The group went inside the store and once they walked out, shots rang out.

"That's when the shooting happened," Doucet said. "I was between two gas pumps and we just dropped to the floor because we didn't know where the gunshots were coming from."

Once the gunshots stopped, Doucet says she and her friends immediately ran to her car and drove away from the scene.

While she and her friends are okay, she says it could've been a different outcome.

"Stop the violence," Doucet said. "It's not worth it. not worth taking somebody's life. Somebody innocent could've got killed."

It's one of two shootings that happened Sunday morning in the city. Police believe the shootings are connected and are searching for the suspects involved.

Meanwhile, detectives are searching for a person of interest. A man wearing dark jeans and no shirt entered one of the businesses and was in possession of a firearm. Detectives are seeking information on the identity of this person. They are also seeking to identify the driver of a white vehicle which may have been involved in the incident.

The vehicle may possibly have bullet holes in it, according to police. For more details on the investigation click here.