Marshall Larriviere

Posted at 9:55 PM, Jan 13, 2019
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Marshall Larriviere

Clarion Herald, 1963

Alleged Abuse:  Accused of rape in 1968 in Vermilion Parish; lawsuit would be settled and no criminal charges filed.

Where is he now:  Deceased

Marshall Larriviere was sued in 2003 by a woman who accused him of raping her and a friend in 1968, when he was a priest at St. Mary Magdalen Church in Abbeville. The woman was seven at the time of the alleged rape, according to media reports. The alleged rape happened at Larriviere’s camp in Vermilion Parish. The case was settled in 2008. Larriviere died in 2014.


1963:  Ordained

1963-1968:  St. Mary Magdalen, Abbeville

1966-1980: Apostolate for the Deaf, Lafayette

1968-1969:  Alleged sex abuse occurred

1969-1971:  St. Pius X, Lafayette

1971-1973:  Lafayette

1973-1977:  Immaculata Seminary, Lafayette

1977-1980:  Lafayette

1980-1982:  Unknown

1982-1983:  On duty outside the diocese, San Francisco

1983-1993:  Military chaplain, Diocese of Lafayette

1984-1985: Military chaplain, Newport

1985-1986: Military chaplain, Miami

1986- 1987: Military chaplain, Ft. Meyer

1987-1988: Military chaplain, Arlington

1988-1990: Military chaplain, Alexandria

1990-1993: Military chaplain, Bremerton

1995: Retired

2003:  Lawsuit filed

2014:  Deceased