Carlos Streva

Posted at 9:55 PM, Jan 13, 2019
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Carlos Streva

Alleged Abuse:  Accused of sexual abuse in 1987 in St. Mary Parish while teaching religious education classes; lawsuit settled.  No criminal charges filed.

Where is he now:  Unknown

In 1987, a family filed a lawsuit against the diocese and Carlos Streva, accusing him of sexually abusing a child at St. Bernadette’s Church in Bayou Vista. The abuse occurred in 1986, the lawsuit alleged.

The lawsuit alleges that Streva was conducting religious education classes at the church when the molestation happened.

The case was settled in 1994.

Streva’s name also appears in court documents filed in connection with the church’s lawsuit involving their insurance company.  The document shows names of priests who had settlements paid out on their behalf, as well as the victim’s name.  It does not list a dollar amount paid out to the victim in this case. Streva’s exact timeline is unknown, and it is not known if the church took any action.

Some publications have his name spelled Carlo instead of Carlos.  He appears to be still living in St. Mary Parish.


Pastoral Assistant at St. Bernandette Church in Bayou Vista

1987:  Lawsuit filed accusing him of sex abuse