3 tornadoes confirmed in Beauregard parish

Posted at 4:16 PM, Apr 07, 2018

Last night’s severe storms produced 3 EF-1 tornadoes in Beauregard parish.

Survey crews with the National Weather Service out of Lake Charles confirmed that the first tornado touched down about 10 miles west of DeRidder and traveled nearly 8 miles along highway 190 with peak winds of 105 mph knocking down large trees and power lines along the highway.

This tornado had a path width of 1000 yards and a couple trees did fall on a home and a barn.

The tornado briefly went back up in the clouds before reforming and touching back down to the SE of DeRidder and traveled another 1.2 miles with winds of 105 mph.

This tornado uprooted some large trees.

After lifting back up into the clouds the tornado touched down a third time and was on the ground nearly 9 miles before finally coming to an end just to the west of Dry Creek.

This tornado also had max winds of 105 mph and a path width of 1200 yards and did the most damage including blowing off the roof of a mobile home and knocking down multiple trees on other homes.