Three Entrepreneurs Created a Modern Way To Highlight Louisiana Culture

Posted at 9:49 PM, Apr 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-05 22:49:23-04

Want to know what's going on in Louisiana? There's an app for that. 

The app, called Trip Chat, is designed for tourists around the state to get updates and information about events happening all around Louisiana.

The app is free and can found on your mobile app store.

"There was a gap in the market for tourism, there's so many things and stories that you really don't know and unless you're talking to the owner, who's not there all the time, or the actual tour guy that's on staff, there's a lot of details that go undiscovered," Nicole Quinlan said.

Quinlan said Trip Chat is free to any user in the United States. She also says her business partners want to start their audience with Louisiana citizens.

"And so, we thought why not start on our home turf and honestly, we have the best food, the best people so why not start here and gain that local support and then share that with the rest of the world, ” Quinlan said.

Quinlan, one of the owners of Trip Chat, says they wanted to make something that is more user-friendly. She says since print is almost out the window, they thought that a better, more useful way to get the information out would be an app.

"So, let's just say you want to know more about night life, dining, museums, and state parks. And all of a sudden you change your mind and say you want to add a casino. All the audio billboards that we have within our database as you enter those geofences, they start springing to life and let you know about all the things you are interested in that surround you," Quinlan said.