T Frere's Bed and Breakfast houses more than the names in the guestbook

Posted at 8:44 AM, Oct 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-30 11:01:00-04

The Oneziphore Comeaux House, more commonly known as T Frere's Bed and Breakfast, is said to house many more than its guest book would suggest.

"I hear it throughout the house. Door slams, walking footsteps, voices," says manager Donna Duck.

The spirits of those who once lived in the home, many believe, never left.

"I think they're letting people know that they're still here. The spirits here, they don't mean no harm to anybody," says Duck.

The most well known spirit is the sister of the home's original owner, Amalie. She moved into the house when her husband and child died of yellow fever.

Amalie also died on the property when she fell into a well. How it happened is still a mystery.

"That's something that we will never know, we will never get the true story of what happened," says Duck.

Her presence is said to be seen and heard around the house, especially in the mornings.

"Somebody has come in front of the house one day and claimed they saw Amalie looking out this window. She just hasn't found her peace, she hasn't found her rest yet," says Duck.

It's something you just have to see to believe.