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St. Martinville motel stars in "Motel Rescue"

Posted at 4:28 PM, Jun 21, 2024

ST. MARTIN PARISH — A retro flair with a modern touch is bringing new life to Beno’s Motel.

The motel starred in an episode of “Motel Rescue,” and the motel’s owner John Talley tells me all about his renovations.

The motel built by Talley’s father Reuben Talley in the early 80s is now run by his son John, who carries on his father’s legacy.

“it was everything it was his life,” Talley said.

“I mean he did it all. the carpentry, plumbing electrical. He was always doing something around here, it's what kept him going you know?”

Talley said the last renovation done on the motel was 15 years ago and it was time to breathe new life into the place.

“So what the TV show did for us it just kind of gave us a boost, you know a jumpstart,” Talley said.

“Turning things around, trying to get things better. Back to where it was in the past, a better name so to speak?”

Talley was scouted to be on the show, and in just five days the renovations were complete.

He said the crew toured through the property and decided what renovations would benefit the motel the most.

“They decided to do the lobby, one of my rooms and a community area outside,” Talley said.

Many of the new pieces were custom-made.

“A lot of the work that they did was they have their own staff basically when they showed up here they had their own carpenters so he basically built a lot of the stuff from scratch,” Talley said.

“So we have like a custom desk in the lobby, custom furniture in the room which is pretty. They did a great job.”

Talley said he most definitely couldn't have dreamed of the direction the designers would take with the motel.

“Very grateful,” Talley said said. “I would’ve never thought you know little ole St. Martinville, or we would've been able to you know showcase.”

And he hopes to continue progress throughout the motel with new inspiration from the finished room.

“We’re just hoping that we’re able to keep going forward and redoing the motel and be available for more people.”

Talley is currently working on renovating two of the motel’s rooms.