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Trump or Biden? Local Democratic and Republican Committees weigh in on Thursday's debate

Posted at 8:11 PM, Jun 30, 2024

ST.LANDRY PARISH — Thursday night's debate in Atlanta between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump centered on topics such as the economy, inflation, and immigration laws.

President Biden and Trump squared off for the first time since 2020.
Both candidates discussed topics like inflation, abortion, and more.
KATC spoke to members of the Democratic and Republican parties to get a local perspective about the debate.

Some Republican committee members felt President Biden appeared incompetent during the debate, while others disagree.

"He looked weak, he looked feeble. The American citizens saw that and the enemies of our republic seen that. Our foreign adversaries have seen it," said Craig Shilow, the Chairman for the St.Landry Parish Republican Executive Committee.

However, Joey Richard, member at Large for the St.Landry Parish Democratic Executive Committee disagrees and says the current president was, in fact, present in the debate.

"I think he impacted the debate very well because you can tell that he has something in his heart for quality and education by wanting to strengthen our HBCUs and you can tell he cares about the everyday living of people because he wants to curve inflation," said Richard.

Richard believes that President Biden has what it takes, but when it comes to immigration laws and economics, Shilow is confident Trump is the one for the job come this November.

"Close the border; come into the country legally. That's the vision of America. Lower the taxes, the inflation is killing ordinary men and women in America. Look at the price of gas prices and food costs in the store. Republicans are offering a clear vision, stark contrast in the failed policies of the Biden administration," said Shilow.

Although Shilow feels Trump is the better candidate, Richard feels, Trump may not have good intentions.

"Trump is running for revenge because of what happened in the past and he did not reference as to what he will to solve any of the issues that the country is facing" said Richard.

ABC will host the next Presidential debate Tuesday, September 10th at 8:00pm Central Time.