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Sun Belt announces women's conference schedule

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Posted at 1:05 PM, Jul 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-28 14:05:01-04

The Sun Belt Conference released its 2021-22 women’s basketball conference schedule on Wednesday.

The women’s teams will play a 16-game conference slate, with each team opening its conference season on Thursday, Dec. 30. 2021 Sun Belt Conference tournament champion Troy will host Coastal Carolina to headline opening day action.

The season will conclude with all 12 teams competing in the 2022 Sun Belt Women’s Basketball Championship at the Pensacola Bay Center in Pensacola, Fla., from Wednesday, March 2, to Monday, March 7.

During the conference regular season, conference games will primarily be played on Thursdays and Saturdays between Thursday, Dec. 30, and Saturday, Feb. 26. In the Sun Belt Women’s Basketball Championship, the top four teams will earn byes to the quarterfinals, which will be played on Friday, March 4. The remaining eight teams will open the tournament with a quadruple header on Wednesday, March 2, with games tipping from 11:30 a.m. ET to 7:30 p.m. ET. The semifinals are set for Sunday, March 6, at 11:30 a.m. ET and 2 p.m. ET, with the final slated for 1 p.m. ET on Monday, March 7. All tournament games will be available on ESPN+, with the championship game to be televised on ESPNU.

Last year, Troy won three games in as many days—including a 73-65 victory over Louisiana in the championship game—to claim its third conference tournament title over the past six seasons.

Here's the UL schedule:

12/30 UT Arlington
1/1 Texas State
1/6 at Arkansas State
1/8 at Little Rock
1/13 Troy
1/15 at South Alabama
1/20 at App State
1/22 at Coastal Carolina
1/29 ULM
2/3 Little Rock
2/5 Arkansas State
2/10 at Texas State
2/12 at UT Arlington
2/19 at ULM
2/24 Georgia State
2/26 Georgia Southern

Team-by-Team Schedules

App State
12/30 at South Alabama
1/1 at Troy
1/6 Georgia State
1/8 Georgia Southern
1/13 at Arkansas State
1/15 at Little Rock
1/20 Louisiana
1/22 ULM
1/26 Coastal Carolina
1/29 at Coastal Carolina
2/5 at UT Arlington
2/10 at Georgia Southern
2/12 at Georgia State
2/19 Texas State
2/24 Troy
2/26 South Alabama

Arkansas State
12/30 at Georgia Southern
1/1 Georgia State
1/6 Louisiana
1/8 ULM
1/13 App State
1/15 Coastal Carolina
1/20 at South Alabama
1/22 at Troy
1/27 UT Arlington
1/29 Texas State
2/3 at ULM
2/5 at Louisiana
2/12 at Little Rock
2/19 Little Rock
2/24 at Texas State
2/26 at UT Arlington

Coastal Carolina
12/30 at Troy
1/1 at South Alabama
1/6 Georgia Southern
1/8 Georgia State
1/13 at Little Rock
1/15 at Arkansas State
1/20 ULM
1/22 Louisiana
1/26 at App State
1/29 App State
2/5 at Texas State
2/10 at Georgia State
2/12 at Georgia Southern
2/19 UT Arlington
2/24 South Alabama
2/26 Troy

Georgia Southern
12/30 Arkansas State
1/1 at Little Rock
1/6 at Coastal Carolina
1/8 at App State
1/13 Texas State
1/15 UT Arlington
1/22 at Georgia State
1/27 Troy
1/29 South Alabama
2/5 at Georgia State
2/10 App State
2/12 Coastal Carolina
2/17 at South Alabama
2/19 at Troy
2/24 at ULM
2/26 at Louisiana

Georgia State
12/30 Little Rock
1/1 at Arkansas State
1/6 at App State
1/8 at Coastal Carolina
1/13 UT Arlington
1/15 Texas State
1/22 Georgia Southern
1/27 South Alabama
1/29 Troy
2/5 at Georgia Southern
2/10 Coastal Carolina
2/12 App State
2/17 at Troy
2/19 at South Alabama
2/24 at Louisiana
2/26 at ULM

Little Rock
12/30 at Georgia State
1/1 Georgia Southern
1/6 ULM
1/8 Louisiana
1/13 Coastal Carolina
1/15 App State
1/20 at Troy
1/22 at South Alabama
1/27 Texas State
1/29 UT Arlington
2/3 at Louisiana
2/5 at ULM
2/12 Arkansas State
2/19 at Arkansas State
2/24 at UT Arlington
2/26 at Texas State

12/30 Texas State
1/1 UT Arlington
1/6 at Little Rock
1/8 at Arkansas State
1/13 South Alabama
1/15 at Troy
1/20 at Coastal Carolina
1/22 at App State
1/29 at Louisiana
2/3 Arkansas State
2/5 Little Rock
2/10 at UT Arlington
2/12 at Texas State
2/19 Louisiana
2/24 Georgia Southern
2/26 Georgia State

South Alabama
12/30 App State
1/1 Coastal Carolina
1/6 at UT Arlington
1/8 at Texas State
1/13 at ULM
1/15 Louisiana
1/20 Arkansas State
1/22 Little Rock
1/27 at Georgia State
1/29 at Georgia Southern
2/5 at Troy
2/12 Troy
2/17 Georgia Southern
2/19 Georgia State
2/24 at Coastal Carolina
2/26 at App State

UT Arlington
12/30 at Louisiana
1/1 at ULM
1/6 South Alabama
1/8 Troy
1/13 at Georgia State
1/15 at Georgia Southern
1/20 Texas State
1/22 at Texas State
1/27 at Arkansas State
1/29 at Little Rock
2/5 App State
2/10 ULM
2/12 Louisiana
2/19 at Coastal Carolina
2/24 Little Rock
2/26 Arkansas State

Texas State
12/30 at ULM
1/1 at Louisiana
1/6 Troy
1/8 South Alabama
1/13 at Georgia Southern
1/15 at Georgia State
1/20 at UT Arlington
1/22 UT Arlington
1/27 at Little Rock
1/29 at Arkansas State
2/5 Coastal Carolina
2/10 Louisiana
2/12 ULM
2/19 at App State
2/24 Arkansas State
2/26 Little Rock

12/30 Coastal Carolina
1/1 App State
1/6 at Texas State
1/8 at UT Arlington
1/13 at Louisiana
1/15 ULM
1/20 Little Rock
1/22 Arkansas State
1/27 at Georgia Southern
1/29 at Georgia State
2/5 South Alabama
2/12 at South Alabama
2/17 Georgia State
2/19 Georgia Southern
2/24 at App State
2/26 at Coastal Carolina

2021-22 Sun Belt Conference Women’s Basketball Schedule
Thursday, Dec. 30
App State at South Alabama
Coastal Carolina at Troy
Little Rock at Georgia State
Arkansas State at Georgia Southern
UT Arlington at Louisiana
Texas State at ULM
Saturday, Jan. 1
App State at Troy
Coastal Carolina at South Alabama
Georgia State at Arkansas State
Georgia Southern at Little Rock
UT Arlington at ULM
Texas State at Louisiana
Thursday, Jan. 6
Georgia State at App State
Georgia Southern at Coastal Carolina
South Alabama at UT Arlington
Troy at Texas State
Louisiana at Arkansas State
ULM at Little Rock
Saturday, Jan. 8
Georgia Southern at App State
Georgia State at Coastal Carolina
Troy at UT Arlington
South Alabama at Texas State
Louisiana at Little Rock
ULM at Arkansas State
Thursday, Jan. 13
App State at Arkansas State
Coastal Carolina at Little Rock
UT Arlington at Georgia State
Texas State at Georgia Southern
Troy at Louisiana
South Alabama at ULM
Saturday, Jan. 15
App State at Little Rock
Coastal Carolina at Arkansas State
Texas State at Georgia State
UT Arlington at Georgia Southern
Louisiana at South Alabama
ULM at Troy
Thursday, Jan. 20
Louisiana at App State
ULM at Coastal Carolina
Arkansas State at South Alabama
Little Rock at Troy
Texas State at UT Arlington
Saturday, Jan. 22
ULM at App State
Louisiana at Coastal Carolina
Georgia Southern at Georgia State
Little Rock at South Alabama
Arkansas State at Troy
UT Arlington at Texas State
Wednesday, Jan. 26
Coastal Carolina at App State
Thursday, Jan. 27
South Alabama at Georgia State
Troy at Georgia Southern
UT Arlington at Arkansas State
Texas State at Little Rock
Saturday, Jan. 29
App State at Coastal Carolina
Troy at Georgia State
South Alabama at Georgia Southern
ULM at Louisiana
Texas State at Arkansas State
UT Arlington at Little Rock
Thursday, Feb. 3
Little Rock at Louisiana
Arkansas State at ULM
Saturday, Feb. 5
App State at UT Arlington
Coastal Carolina at Texas State
Georgia State at Georgia Southern
South Alabama at Troy
Arkansas State at Louisiana
Little Rock at ULM
Thursday, Feb. 10
App State at Georgia Southern
Coastal Carolina at Georgia State
Louisiana at Texas State
ULM at UT Arlington
Saturday, Feb. 12
App State at Georgia State
Coastal Carolina at Georgia Southern
Troy at South Alabama
Louisiana at UT Arlington
ULM at Texas State
Arkansas State at Little Rock
Thursday, Feb. 17
Georgia State at Troy
Georgia Southern at South Alabama
Saturday, Feb. 19
Texas State at App State
UT Arlington at Coastal Carolina
Georgia State at South Alabama
Georgia Southern at Troy
Louisiana at ULM
Little Rock at Arkansas State
Thursday, Feb. 24
Troy at App State
South Alabama at Coastal Carolina
Georgia State at Louisiana
Georgia Southern at ULM
Arkansas State at Texas State
Little Rock at UT Arlington
Saturday, Feb. 26
South Alabama at App State
Troy at Coastal Carolina
Georgia State at ULM
Georgia Southern at Louisiana
Little Rock at Texas State
Arkansas State at UT Arlington