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Coach Ed Orgeron won't be comparing the 2020-2021 Tigers to previous teams

Tigers come back to high expectations
Posted at 8:06 PM, Aug 18, 2020

Coming back after a national championship comes with its perks but it also brings a different level of pressure. Knowing the college football world has high expectations for the LSU Tigers, head coach Ed Orgeron says his team will continue to block out the noise.

“One of the most common mistakes is to mention last years team and to compare them to last years team all the time," said head coach Ed Orgeron.

The players might be getting used to getting back to work after bringing home the big trophy but for coach Orgeron this is something he's experienced during his time at USC.

During the Pete Carol era when the Trojans won two national titles, Orgeron says he got the chance to observe Carol's coaching methods during the programs highest moments. During that time of his coaching
career, he learned each group of players will never be like the last.

"Just because we won a national championship last year doesn't mean we're going to win it again this year. It's through a process and hard work. Those are some of the things I have implemented. About Pete Carol, he didn't say anything he just kept on coaching the way he knew how to coach and it worked. I think when you have great players and you have great coaches and stick to the plan it's going to work," said Orgeron.

The one thing the Tigers will mimic from last season is LSU's standards of performance and leadership.