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Super 16 | Church Point Running Back Rodney Dupuis

Dupuis enters 2019 700-yards shy of school record
Posted at 7:06 PM, Jul 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-23 21:55:07-04

CHURCH POINT — Rodney Dupuis' record setting career has one more chapter.

The senior running back enters the season with 5,100 yards on his career tally, just 700 yards shy of the school record.

"I'm trying to break the all time rushing record. And I'm trying to go to the dome," he said.

Dupuis might break the record in his sleep, but Church Point has never been to the state championship in football, a path that's never easy. But what could be harder is the back's personal goal of eclipsing the 2,000 yard mark in a single season.

"2,000 yards is the goal. That's a lot of yards. I guess that means coach A better get him the ball. Listen, I don't think 2,00 is unrealistic. I think it's obtainable," said head coach John Arceneaux We've seen his body mature, we've seen him go from 185, now he's 215. He still has the same speed as a freshman. He's got, what, 36 games under his belt now, high school football games. He's going to be a veteran out on the football field, so we expect him to do some special things."